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Movie poster advertising one of the biggest successes of Catalan actor, director and screenwriter Domènec Ceret: La Loca del Monasterio, a movie produced by Studio Films that starred Domènec Ceret himself along with Lolita Paris, the main star of Studio Films. The background of the poster represents the Montserrat mountain, the site of the well-known...

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In 1915, Domènec Ceret was hired by Studio Films as technical-artistic director and protagonist of comic shorts. He worked on several comic shorts and short features, but his most successful titles are "La loca del monasterio", "Los saltimbanquis", "Regeneración" and "Humanidad": dramatic and moralizing movies, with a narrative technique which was...

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Movie poster printed by Imp. Deligne

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Interesting lithograph plate from the beginning of the 20th century, for the movie "Le déjeuner est servi". Printed by Rundinettes.

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The first feature film by Pere Portabella was ascribed to the most risky experimentalism, vaguely following the principles of the so-called "school of Barcelona". It intends to interrelate the cinema with the avant-garde of the other arts, and in this sense the collaboration of characters such as the poet Brossa, the composer Mestres Quadreny and plastic...

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