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Original Film Title:O REI PELÉPoster Title:KRAL PELEDirector:CARLOS HUGO CHRISTENSENYear:1962Film Nationality:BRASILGenre:COMEDIACompany:Cast Film:PELEEDUARDO ABBASLUIZ AFONSOTheme:FOOTBALL BRASIL PELEPoster Nationality:TURQUIAPoster:Measures:...

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El fútbolChecoslovaquia, 1965 , 79 min.Dirigido por: Jaroslav MachGuión: František Břetislav KuncCamara Jan NovákMusica Štěpán Lucký

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The 1966 FIFA World Cup England was the eighth edition of the Football World Cup. It was held in England, between July 11 and 30, 1966. Sixteen teams participated in the final round, being divided into four groups of 4 teams where the first two of each group advanced to the quarterfinal round, starting from which direct elimination duels occurred. The...

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Rare movie poster, probably advertising “The Living Ladder”, a Dutch silent movie first released in 1913. This lithograph poster had been produced for the French release of the movie, and it bears the inscription “Collection Gaumont”.

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Rare poster for the movie "Thieves in the Work", a short film directed by Gaston Velle with Georges Méliès style. Edited by Pathé and printed in lithography by Aff. Faria, entangled, state of conservation B +. Dimensions in inches: 62.2 x 46.5 ''.

1 000,00 €
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