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From its opening, the Moulin Rouge has been a great source of inspiration for artists from all over the world, as well as an icon of popular culture. This lithograph poster perfectly represents what Moulin Rouge meant to everyone: freedom, bohemian existence, music, art, glee, inebriation. Printed by Graf. Bobes

700,00 €

Poster from the first quarter of the twentieth century, promoting a music show performed by animatronics. Printed in lithography by Graf. Bobes

1 200,00 €

Big size lithograph poster promoting a variety show. Printed by Imp. Mirabet.

800,00 €

Highly sought-after lithograph poster from the 1920's, advertising a spectacular illusionist show of the Roca brothers. Printed by Mirabet.

1 150,00 €

Lithograph poster from the late 1920's, advertising the Sawartos Circus, which was run by the Cristiani-Corzana family. 

150,00 €

Colombian lithograph poster, advertising the magic show performed by a a hypnotist. Printed by Joramip.

180,00 €
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