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Big size lithograph poster advertising a mime show. Jules Chéret was widely renowned for the free-spirited females - popularly called “Cherettes” - he used to portray in his posters; he seems less comfortable with men: that's maybe why this Pierrot looks so androgynous. Printed by Chaix.


Lithograph poster promoting "Zambra 1948", a show starring the mythical couple Lola Flores and Manolo Caracol. The couple became famous in 1942; in 1943, their manager Adolfo Arezana assembled the show "Zambra", that they brought on stage during several years. 

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Rare, spectacular lithograph poster advertising an operetta. Printed by Aff. Ch. Levy.

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Offset poster promoting the European Concert Tour 1974 of the English progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Printed by Manticore.

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MEDEA work by Esteve Albert. The manuscript is conserved in the Museu Arxiu de Santa Maria de Mataró (work premiered in dramatized reading on March 31, 1954 at the University of Barcelona, and in the form of a stage performance on September 3, 1955 at the Velòdrom de Mataró.

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