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Offset poster advertising a major British industrial combine, manufacturing military and sporting firearms, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses and bodies, etc. At its peak, B.S.A. was the largest motorcycle producer in the world.

140,00 €

Fun lithograph poster advertising a cleaning product for cars. It reads:"The institute of Beauty of the car presents its cleaning product Vitrum - the only that doesn't stain when it rains". 

220,00 €

Lithograph poster printed by Seix y Barral,

750,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising a motorcycle race held in Barcelona. The layout has been realised with the negative of a photo taken by Bior. Printed by Publicidad y graficas "Vior" Barna.

900,00 €

Lithograph poster from the 1920s, promoting the 4th edition of a motorcycle race held in Catalonia.

1 100,00 €
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