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Lithograph poster advertising an effervescent antacid. There's no doubt that this product was marketed as "natural", since the poster shows us two Spanish women wearing traditional dresses, who prepare the antacid with just picked lemons. 

800,00 €

Year 1936 calendar advertising a beer produced in Marseille, at the "Brasserie du Phénix". In 1988, the brewery had been bought by Heineken. 

300,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising a mint liqueur. As usual, sexual allusiveness sells: we see a lustful, sensual woman who seems deceived because her glass is drained while she wants some more … to comfort herself, she cuddles with a gigantic bottle ... 

700,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising a wine brand. Printed by Avenir Publicité

400,00 €
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