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Opened on October 6, 1892, it was the first rack railway built in Spain. Starting from the station of the Company of the North of Monistrol, it arrived until the monastery of Montserrat and later, in 1923, the connection was established, also in Monistrol, with the General Company of the Catalan Railroads. Built and operated by the company Ferrocarriles...

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Lithograph poster commissioned by the Spanish Tourist Board, promoting Spain to the French market. It reads:"Sun, sea, everlasting snows, artistic wonders... all the tourist attractions in a single Country: Spain". Printed by Seix y Barral.

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Tourist poster advertising Tarragona as a good destination for whom wants to visit Roman remains. Pascual Capuz was a Spanish draftsman, poster artist and painter. He is regarded as one of the best poster artists of the first quarter of the 20th century. Lithograph poster printed by P.N.T. Voluntad.

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