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For 40 years, the Antique and Modern Antique Book Fair is located on Paseo de Gracia, instead of Gran Via, its original location.It wants to be a point of approach between booksellers and walkers, to invite them to choose and scroll old books, as it is much more difficult to enter the store directly. Each stand offers different articles, from novels and...

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JOAN BROSSA in the forties, in the postwar period, he met Joan Ponç and Antoni Tàpies, with whom he will collaborate on numerous occasions. In 1948 they founded the legendary group Dau al Set to which Modest Cuixart, J.J. Tharrats or Juan Eduardo Cirlot.

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Poster on the occasion of the presentation of the book "Poems from the Catalan", poems by Joan Brossa and lithographs by Antoni Tàpies, at Dau al Set Art Gallery, Barcelona

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Poster published on th occasion of the 25th Congress of the International Publishers Association, Barcelona 1996, coinciding with the holding of the first World Book Day

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