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Calella is a Villa Florida (it is an initiative of the Confederation of Ornamental Horticulture of Catalonia (CHOC) that promotes the transformation of corners, towns and cities of Catalonia through the flower and the ornamental plant).

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In Girona, Holy Friday is celebrated Procession of the Holy Burial, which has been reported since the mid-eighteenth century, which involved more than 1,200 people, different brotherhoods of the city, and 119 Manaian soldiers, dressed in Roman legionaries and armed with spears, swords and shields parade solemnly hitting the ground with their spears to the...

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The Mercat del Ram de Vic is a fair that gradually exceeded the limits of the old city of Vic, and now the different activities extend throughout the capital of Osona. The most traditional activity of the Mercat del Ram de Vic is every year, and in fact it gives its name, the market of palms and laurels that is celebrated on Saturday of Rams in the...

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