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Original Poster Barcelona

Original Poster Barcelona has been involved in the fascinating world of vintage posters for more than 30 years. Our heritage is shaped by posters that span from the 1870s to the present,  covering artistic movements such as Modernism, Art Decó and Noucentisme up to the avant-garde of the 20thcentury or historical events such as the Spanish Civil War.

We boast a wide range of services: buying-selling, rental, advice and appraisal.

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Contrary to other plastic arts, posters, ephemeral art par excellence, weren’t intended to last or to be kept. In the immediacy and innovation of the message lies its success. The majority of the paper used in vintage advertisement posters is cheap and disposable, usually with a high content of acid.

Our advisory work covers the whole process, from the first analysis of the poster, kept for years without any special protection, until the final valuation, as well as going through different types of restoration and lining.

We offer appraise services, whether it is for insurers, inheritances, etc., or simply to know the value of a poster or collection. In the simplest cases our appraise services are free. Those that require more study, both of the posters and the potential market, we’ll prepare a budget for the customer.

We are interested in increasing our original vintage poster collection. We regularly buy posters from all kind of collectors, great and small. This allows us to offer competitive prices to our sellers. If you own a poster or an entire collection send an email (originalposterbarcelona@gmail.com) or call us (+34 669838172) to see how we could help you.

Original Poster Barcelona offers a rental service of posters to film and TV producers, temporary decor, events, etc. By doing this, we contribute to solve the always identifiable reproduction, the unnecessary purchase, etc.