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The exhibition took place in the Sala Jaimes of Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. Later, he was part of the donationof a large part of the collection of Josep Vinyes to the Museum of the City of Berga (Barcelona). Josep Vinyes was the introducer and president in our country of the Union of Historians of the Circus.

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ENRIC SATUÉ one of the most illustrious Catalan graphic designers used this photographic background to illustrate the third volume of his collection "ELS LLIBRES DEL ANUNCIS" subtitled TORNAR A COMENÇAR (1940-1962)

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CARLES BRUCHELI 'CARLSTON' sucedió en 1931 a Joaquim Partagás al frente del negocio que este habia fundado en 1881 EL REY DE LA MAGIA. Lo regentó hasta 1981 año de su defunción. Como mago trabajó durante la años 40 de la post-guerra en los llamado CIRCUITOS CARCELLE -de Juan mª Carcelle futuro administrador del CIRCO PRICE de Madrid entre 1941 y 1960. El...

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Although the monastic complex was demolished in the nineteenth century, some elements distributed in different points are preserved: the chapel, in the church of San Raimundo de Peñafort of the Rambla de Catalunya in Barcelona and the cloister, in the monastery of Santa María de Montesión of Esplugues de Llobregat. Both are listed as Cultural Property of...

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Emblema tic and historic establishment in Barcelona of sports equipment and fashion. Inaugurated in 1934 on Avinyó Street, later in the 60's, move to Enrique Granados Street. It closed at the end of the 90s. Its advertising avant-garde influenced an entire era in the sports trade of Barcelona. BAVILLASSET: Acronym of the founders BALLVÉ-VILLARDELL-GAUSSET

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Ramón Masats (b. Caldes de Montbui, (Barcelona; 1931)

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María Barrientos was a Spanish opera singer, a light coloratura soprano, one of the most outstanding of her time

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