The style of this poster winks at the classical Spanish painting (the man on the right calls to mind some renowned self-portraits of Diego Velázquez). 

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Lithograph poster promoting an art exhibition held during the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It reproduces the painting "El príncipe Baltasar Carlos, a caballo" (Ca. 1635, Prado Museum). 

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Poster representing the Lady of Elche (a stone bust from the 4th century BC, that was discovered by chance in 1897 at L'Alcúdia, near Alicante, in an ancient roman settlement)

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Lithograph poster advertising an art exposition featuring portraits and autoportraits, held in Barcelona in 1907-1908. The image chosen for this poster is a detail of Velázquez's world-famous painting “Las Meninas”, in which Velázquez portrays himself working at a large canvas.

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Poster advertising an exhibition of portraits and drawings held in Barcelona in 1910. For this poster, Borrás chose to reproduce Velázquez's "Portrait of Innocent X", which is regarded by many artists and art critics as the finest portrait ever created; however, it was deceptive advertising, as the portrait was not part of the exhibition. 

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A "mosaic" image that alludes to the ancient history of the Olympics. Numbered edition (artist's proof 13/30) original lithograph engraving, signed by the author.

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Numbered edition (artist's proof IV/X) original lithograph engraving, signed by the author. A+ condition

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Lithograph poster advertising an International Furniture Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1923, by Ricard Canals, a Catalan artist strongly influenced by French impressionism

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The first feature film by Pere Portabella was ascribed to the most risky experimentalism, vaguely following the principles of the so-called "school of Barcelona". It intends to interrelate the cinema with the avant-garde of the other arts, and in this sense the collaboration of characters such as the poet Brossa, the composer Mestres Quadreny and plastic...

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Cuarta Exposición de Bellas Artes e Industrias Artísticas held at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in 1898. Divided into sections on painting (Spanish and foreign), drawing, watercolor, pastel and etching (Spanish and foreign), art, sculpture (Spanish and foreign), architecture, industrial art, decorative painting, decorative sculpture, reproductions and works...

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Offset poster promoting an exhibition on surrealism in Catalonia, held in Barcelona (at the Dau al Set Gallery) in 1975. Salvador Riera, the owner of the gallery, owned a large art collection, ranging from "modernisme" to precisely the works of the Dau al Set avant-garde group.

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Joan Miró was a painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist. And also one of the pioneers of what was called surrealism, specifically its most "childish" and automatic.For Joan Miró the subconscious was a huge playground, or a toy very similar to those he had in his childhood.

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