Lithograph poster promoting the Book Day (a a yearly event celebrated in Catalonia since April 1923, that later led to the World Book and Copyright Day). It reads:"A man who reads is worth two men."

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Poster commissioned by the Comissaria de Propaganda de la Generalitat de Catalunya, advertising “Nova Iberia" magazine. This design, created by Ricard Fábregas, reproduces the cover of the first issue, by Antoni Clavé. Printed in lithography by “Bobes, Indústria Collectivitzada C.N.T-U.G.T.”

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The avant-garde artistic-literary group of mid-70s, took advantage of the ANIS I CONYAC SOLEY poster to add their own poetic "calendar".

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Lithograph poster providing some basics on archaeology, for the members of the Catalan Association of scientific excursion, which was founded 5 years before, in 1876; in 1890, the association became the current "Centre Excursionista de Catalunya"

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Catalan Esperanto congresses are held since 1910. This lithograph poster advertises the one of Manresa, which took place two months before the beginning of the Civil War. It shows the bridge of Manresa, which is also an allusion to the mission of  Esperanto: to transcend nationality and foster peace and international understanding between people with...

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The oldest monarchy in the worldThe Viking runic stones in Jelling, a World Heritage Site, are recorded by Harald Bluetooth, the first king of united Denmark about 1000 years ago. The Queen descends from him and Denmark is filled with a rich variety of royal monuments, buildings and treasures spanning thousands of years. From castles and fortresses to...

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Among his collaborators were also José Zorrilla, Ramón de Campoamor, Juan Valera, Leopoldo Alas Clarín, Emilio Castelar, Miguel de Unamuno, Ángel Fernández de los Ríos, Peregrín García Cadena, Manuel Cañete, José Velarde, Miguel Rodríguez Ferrer, Patronage of Biedma , Francisca Sarasate, Manuel Fernandez Cuesta, Manuel Fernandez Gonzalez, Jose de Castro...

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Joan Miró was a painter, sculptor, engraver and ceramist. And also one of the pioneers of what was called surrealism, specifically its most "childish" and automatic.For Joan Miró the subconscious was a huge playground, or a toy very similar to those he had in his childhood.

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EMILI FERRER and ESPELTDraftsman, decorator and designer.Barcelona, 1899 - Barcelona, 1970He collaborated in "D'aci d'alla" (from 1918)JOAN SALVAT PAPASSEITA compilation of short stories published by the poet in the children's magazine LA MAINADA between October 7 and November 4, 1921 (Nos. 18-20 and 22) within a section titled ELS NENS DE LA MEVA ESCALA

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La seva obra mestra fou Història de Catalunya, dos volums en català publicats el 1887 i 1889, que van ser la primera història del Principat que es va escriure a l'edat contemporània

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In order to promote the “Book Day” held in Barcelona in 1931, Morell created a design with a colourful cascade of stylised books. This cultural exhibition contributed to the birth of catalan festivity of San Jorge (April 23th, the day of the rose and of the book), which later spread all around Spain. Lithograph poster printed by Graf. Bobes

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