Poster from the first quarter of the twentieth century, promoting a music show performed by animatronics. Printed in lithography by Graf. Bobes

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Big size lithograph poster promoting a variety show. Printed by Imp. Mirabet.

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Lithograph poster advertising a silent movie produced by Argos film Barcelona in the 1910s. Printed by Imp. E. Mirabet

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Lithograph poster promoting a circus show that included trained animals and rodeo exhibitions, Printed by Imp. Ortega.

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Fak-Hong was renowned throughout Europe during the 1920s and 30s. Chang, an illusionist from Panama, administered the Fak-Hong Troupe.The Noe Ark was one of their many shows.

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Under different names (Germans Roca, Rock shows, Musical Rock, etc) the brothers Ernest Roca and Alfons Roca announced their comic, magic, musical numbers ... They were part of the select group of Catalan magicians (Fak-Hong's, Chang, etc) that in their day they printed, within the Orientalist current, a new way of presenting their shows.

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