Mori el Merma was an avant-garde show (a sort of "Ubu Roi” with a Miró twist) performed by "La Claca" theatre company.  For this show, Miró designed the scenery, the masks, the puppets and, of course, the poster. Lithograph printing by La Polígrafa.

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Original art promoting a tribute show to D. Angel Guimerá ("the poet of the common people and excellent playwright"), by multifaceted artist Pere Queraltó.

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Gloria del Teatro Català. Phototype poster showing catalan actor Lleo Fontova in his different performances. Lithograph, printed by Imp. Thomas.

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n the 60s, Cardona began as a set designer creating the sets of Ronda de mort a Sinera (text by Salvador Espriu, 1965) and La Bona Persona de Sezuan (by Bertolt Brecht, 1966), directed by Ricard Salvat. At the end of the decade, he went through a stage of greater creative fulfillment with the Cicle de les Mirades (1969) and the Cicle de les Tretze...

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The theatrical genre known as Revista Musical Española was one of the most representative of the early twentieth century until the mid 70's, but it was declining to disappear completely. The magazine combined drama, humor, music and feather-laden outfits of actresses and vedettes of our country as well-known as Celia Gámez, Addy Ventura, Norma Duval or...

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