Lithograph poster advertising a commemorative exhibition for the centennial of railways in Spain. Josep Morell was a master in using evocative images for his posters: in this case, he depicts an elegant couple from the 19th century, ready to leave with their kid and their luggage on the approaching train. Printed by Seix i Barral

400,00 €

Lithograph poster celebrating the "golden anniversary" of the Vic-based choral association Orfeó Vigatà, which is still in activity. Printed by Graf. Bobes.

630,00 €

Celebratory poster in honor of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (the longest-reigning monarch of the history of the British Kingdom), showing the steps of the Coronation ritual. Lithograph poster printed by Mardon, Son & Hall.

400,00 €

Poster promoting London as the place to visit in the year of Queen Elisabeth II´s coronation: the poster shows a procession of the Queen's Guard on horseback, leaving Buckingham Palace (which is shown in the background along with the Victoria Memorial). 

600,00 €
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