Offset poster promoting the very last international anarchist congress held in Spain after Franco's death (Barcelona, 1977). The congress saw the participation of the most important exponents of anarchism (Noam Chomsky, Ionesco and Daniel Guerin, among others). 

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Religious poster from the 1930s. Antoni Batllori, the author of this work, later became one of the founding fathers of comics in Catalonia (this poster actually seems a forerunner of the "Ligne Claire" comics style). Lithograph, printed by Juan Barguñó

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The Lissitzky (Эль Лисицкий), pseudonym of About this Sound Lázar Márkovich Lissitzky (Лазарь Маркович Лисицкий, November 23, 1890 - December 30, 1941), was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, teacher, typographer, and architect. He was one of the most important figures of the Russian avant-garde, contributing to the development of suprematism with...

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President of the First Spanish Republic (Alhama la Seca, Almería, 1838 - Pau, France, 1908). He studied Law and Philosophy in Madrid with Sanz del Río, for whose influence he joined the Krausist current. He worked as a professor of high school (1858) and as a university professor at the Central University (1866). At the same time, he joined the Democratic...

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Francisco Ferrer Guardia (Alella, January 10, 1859-Barcelona, October 13, 1909) was a pedagogoanarquista and Spanish freethinker. Ferrer Guardia took on the modern tradition begun by Rousseau in the eighteenth century - contrary to the authority and the religious worldview - to adapt it to anarchism and free-thinking that flourished in industrial cities

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Poster with a hymn of resistance against the Francoist dictatorship written and mused in the Barcelona Model jail by some of the detainees of the ASSEMBLES DE CATALUNYA in October 1973. The poster was secretly published, hence its rarity.

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