The style of this poster winks at the classical Spanish painting (the man on the right calls to mind some renowned self-portraits of Diego Velázquez). 

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Poster promoting the "Semana de la Luz" (the "Week of the Light"), held in Barcelona in 1966 in order to improve and increase the lighting in the streets of the city. Graphic designer, poster artist and illustrator Amand Domènech demonstrates to have a futuristic  artistic vision: this poster from the 1960s immediately reminds of the graphics of the 1980s!

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Big size poster featuring the program of La Mercè, the annual festival of the city of Barcelona: it has been an official city holiday since 1871, when the local government first organized a program of special activities to observe the Catholic day of "Our Lady of Mercy" (La Mare de Déu de la Mercè)

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Poster advertising a craft fair held in Barcelona in 1930. As the fair was about the traditions of the seafarers, Junyent chose an intentionally naive design.

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The festivities of La Mercè, patron saint of Barcelona, are celebrated every year around September 24 in the squares and streets of the entire city. In 1868 Barcelona began to celebrate religious and popular celebrations in honor of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè, around September 24. However, this celebration lives moments of fullness and decadence in the...

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Lithograph poster promoting an art exhibition held during the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It reproduces the painting "El príncipe Baltasar Carlos, a caballo" (Ca. 1635, Prado Museum). 

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Lithograph poster advertising the 9th Barcelona International trade fair. It shows the monumental tops of Barcelona Cathedral and of the bell tower of Santa Maria del Pi. Printed by Graf. Bobes.

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Poster representing the Lady of Elche (a stone bust from the 4th century BC, that was discovered by chance in 1897 at L'Alcúdia, near Alicante, in an ancient roman settlement)

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Lithograph poster promoting 1929 Barcelona International Exposition; it shows a “macer” (a figure of the Middle Ages who used to lead royal and municipal corteges) of Barcelona city hall, standing out of Barcelona beautiful skyline

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Lithograph poster advertising an art exposition featuring portraits and autoportraits, held in Barcelona in 1907-1908. The image chosen for this poster is a detail of Velázquez's world-famous painting “Las Meninas”, in which Velázquez portrays himself working at a large canvas.

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In the newspaper "La Vanguardia" published on March 12, 1931, it was announced the first "Semana Algodonera", which took place in May 1931 in Barcelona. The aim of this event was to promote the use of cotton fabrics. In order to advertise the event, a poster contest was announced. Apparently, it was an artist named Farré to win the contest

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Big size poster for La Mercè, by one of the masters of Catalan "Art Nouveau". 1902 was a landmark year for this festivity, as some of the most important features of the festival were introduced: the parades started to include the "giants" (known as "gegants i capgrossos") and a popular dance (the Sardana) was introduced.

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Reproducción litográfica del óleo sobre papel original del cartel de la Mercè 98

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Lithograph poster advertising an International Furniture Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1923, by Ricard Canals, a Catalan artist strongly influenced by French impressionism

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Lithograph poster advertising the 8th Barcelona International trade fair. Printed by Graf. Bobes.

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The neighborhood of Poble-sec is an urban market that rises between the Montjuïc mountain and the Paral·lel avenue. Although it was already inhabited since the tenth century, the neighborhood began to grow in the second half of the nineteenth century, following the demolition of the city walls. From then on, a workers 'and workers' nucleus was created,...

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TEJIDOS JUAN house founded in 1875 won the 1st. Award for the shop window contest held on the occasion of the Fiestas de la Merced 1956, with a reconstruction of LA PUNTUAL, a family business idealized by the playwright and painter SANTIAGO RUSIÑOL in his work l'AUCA DEL SR. ESTEVE.

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Lithograph poster advertising an international trade fair held in Barcelona in 1922 (the ad poster is directed to the Italian market). 

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