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Lithograph poster promoting Rubí patronage festival. Printed by Graf. Bobes,

190,00 €

Woodcut printed poster by a master of etching. As an engraver, Vives used to work with both its own and other artists' designs. 

1 200,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising Girona patronage festival. Printed by El Autonomista

1 100,00 €

A refined silhouette design illustrates Girona patronage festival. Printed in lithograph by Manen

850,00 €

An elegant, fashionable woman in black and white is dancing the charleston, while on the background, we can see the colors of Catalonia: the "Festa Major" of Olot is represented as the union of tradition and modernity.

1 300,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising the first commercial trade show held in Valls (a municipality in the province of Tarragona). 

800,00 €

Lithograph poster advertising the first edition of a traditional market which is held every year in Vic, by a poster artist who was distinguished for his simple yet elegant and sleek designs. Printed by Graf. Bobes,

750,00 €
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