Kaba is a brand of instant drinks of cocoa [1] by Mondelēz International. In Germany it is distributed under the motto "The Plantagentrank". Kaba was originally the short form of "cocoa and banana powder". Meanwhile, it is popularly a generic name for instant cocoa drinks in parts of Germany.

40,00 €

Board in cardboard of the game of the two Madrid teams of the 20-30 years.

90,00 €

FOOTBALL GAME. FOOTBALL STADIUM. with a large central illustration, showing a particular football field, and the rostrum with spectators or fans. On the back the game regulations.

250,00 €

These 22 players of BOLOGNA and PALERMO open the football championship ... and the new GRAND PLAY of the "Corrierino": the DADOCALCIO. Each week you will find in the pages of the "Corrierino" the players of two teams.

40,00 €
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