Insert in the children's magazine THE DOG, THE MOUSE AND THE CAT ... For several weeks, from the hand of the cartoonist OSCAR, the magazine published some inserts dedicated to the characters and associations of the imaginary villa of VILLACABALLOS. This corresponds to the football team.

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Cuttable of two soccer teams. Coincidentally, you wear the yellow shirt like Nantes CF, the city where the publishing house responsible for this publication resides

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FOOTBALL. DECOUPAGE - MONTAGE. Editions Wilier. Serie Brillante. Ref. 1260 I

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These 22 players of BOLOGNA and PALERMO open the football championship ... and the new GRAND PLAY of the "Corrierino": the DADOCALCIO. Each week you will find in the pages of the "Corrierino" the players of two teams.

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