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In the summer of 1950 a championship of aizcolaris (log cutter) was organized in San Sebastian, which was pompously baptized as the Spanish Championship of Aizkolaris; The three top figures of the moment participated in it, the Guipuzcoans "Arriya" and "Korta" and the Navarrese Garciarena, together with another lesser known aizkolari from Navarra, Juan...

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The 1992 Olympic Games (officially called Games of the XXV Olympiad) were held in Barcelona, Spain, between July 25 and August 9  

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Nº 7 DE LAGAZETTE - PLANCHE 38. 1924 Plate n.24 from the first 1923 issue of “La Gazette du Bon Ton”. Best known for his revolutionary design of the TuTa (an early example of what we now know as coverall) and his involvement with the Italian Futurist movement, Thayaht worked as a designer in collaboration with Madeleine Vionnet. He started out by...

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