CAPPIELLO LEONETTO (Livorno 1875 - Cannes 1942)



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Perfectly displaying Cappiello’s trademark use of exaggerated proportions, this poster advertises the overfeeding properties of the Union biscuits. Lithograph poster printed by Vercasson,

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CLASSIFICATION OF THE POSTERS ACCORDING TO THEIR CONSERVATION (in bold the one corresponding to this poster):

A+ Is a flawless example of a poster rarely seen in such fine condition.
A Designates a poster in very fine condition. There may be some tears on the margins, but not noticeable. No paper loss. Colours are fresh and has no blemish.
A- There may be some slight fold marks, tear or other minor defect, but most unobtrusive. Successful restoration if restored.
B+ If some restoration it is not immediately evident.
B Designates a poster in good condition. There may be some tears. Blemish or paper loss, but not in any crucial design area. Colours are fresh and the poster has a very good appearance.
B- Restoration may show some defects. Colours along the fold marks are faded.
C+ Restorations are visible.
C Designates a poster in fair condition. Tears, blemish, fold marks and or paper loss are more pronounced or may slightly affect the image of the poster. Colours may be faded.
C- Requires restoration.
AuthorCAPPIELLO LEONETTO (Livorno 1875 - Cannes 1942)
Yearca. 1906
CountryFrancia - France