AUTHENTICITY.  All lots sold by ORIGINAL POSTER BARCELONA have their authenticity guaranteed. A certificate of authenticity will be extended as a request of the customer. We are members of the International Vintage Poster Dealers Association (

CONDITION RATING SYSTEM. All posters sold by ORIGINAL POSTER BARCELONA have been classified according to the condition rating system of the IVPDA (International Vintage Poster Dealers Association) of which we are part as full members. The Association, with more than 60 members around the world, provides strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity of the posters we offer on sale and provides ethical and fair trade practices. We live up to these guidelines.

CLAIMS. Any claim must be communicated to ORIGINAL POSTER BARCELONA within 30 days of purchase. Whoever makes his claim later will lose his rights.




Is a flawless example of a poster rarely seen in such fine condition.




Designates a poster in very fine condition. There may be some tears on the margins, but not noticeable. No paper loss. Colours are fresh and has no blemish.




There may be some slight fold marks, tear or other minor defect, but most unobtrusive. Successful restoration if restored.




If  some restoration it is not immediately evident.




Designates a poster in good condition. There may be some tears. Blemish or paper loss, but not in any crucial design area. Colours are fresh and the poster has a very good appearance.




Restoration may show some defects. Colours along the fold marks are faded.




Restorations are visible.




Designates a poster in fair condition. Tears, blemish, fold marks and or paper loss are more pronounced or may slightly affect the image of the poster. Colours may be faded.




Requires restoration.